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AP-16+ AP-16+ Audio Player
Stock #: 31316
Price: $129.95 / $159.95
Manufacturer: EFX-TEK

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"...a dimension of sight, a dimension of sound, a dimension of mind..."; words of wisdom from a master of the macabre. Regardless of how you breathed life into your creation, you can easily add the dimension of sound with the AP-16+. The AP-16+ allows you to playback high-quality, stereo WAV files for a standard SD card through two, booming 20W amplifiers (one per channel).

Advanced features like built-in randomization, auxiliary inputs, and the ability to use dry-contact, (optically isolated) 12 to 24 DC, or a PIR (or compatible) sensor put the AP-16+ in a class of its own. For stand-alone control the AP-16+ includes pre- and post-play delay potentiometers, as well as a relay that is active while your audio plays. Need background audio while your prop is idle? No problem, the AP-16+ includes an ambient loop control to do just that.

Note: Power supply and speakers are not included with the AP-16+. We suggest our 18 VDC, 3 amp supply (see link above).

Technical Note
The ULN2803A output driver can interfere with serial communications between a prop controller (Prop-1, Prop-2, or Prop-SX) and the AP-16+. EFX-TEK recommends that P7 (Prop-1) or P15 (Prop-2 and Prop-SX) is used for serial communications, and that the ULN2803A is replaced with a (7-channel) ULN2003A to prevent interference.

For additional details, refer to this post in our tech support forums:

ULN Modifcations for Serial Comms

AP-16+ Documentation (PDF)
AP-16+ Test Code for Prop-1/Prop-2 (ZIP)
AP-16+ Firmware (ZIP)

Audacity Sound Editor (LINK)
Essential Audacity (PDF)
Audacity Training Files (ZIP)
Audacity Wiki (LINK)

14" Extension Cable
68" Extension Cable