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FC-4+ FC-4+ Lamp Fader Control Board
Stock #: 31215
Price: $110.00
Manufacturer: EFX-TEK

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If you've been looking for a way to intelligently control the brightness level of 120 VAC [incandescent] lamps, the FC-4+ is an excellent solution. Sophisticated brightness and cross-fading commands are available using a simple controller like the Prop-1. Small LEDs associated with each output indicate the relative brightness for the channel, providing visual feedback even when the FC-4+ is separated from the lamps it's controlling. Each lamp channel is capable of controlling up to 300W, for a total output load of 1200W for the board. And if you need more channels, the FC-4+ can be daisy-chained for a total of 16 channels on the same control output of your prop controller.

NEW ("Plus") Features
• Simultaneous fades on all channels
• Two TTL level digital inputs
• DMX Mode
• "Hackable" for custom applications

Mounting holes accommodate #6 size screws to keep this board affixed securely. Large screw terminals accommodate up to #14 AWG wire. Always remember, voltages in excess of 60 volts can be lethal. Use every precaution to ensure safety. If you are unsure about what is safe and what might not be, just ask us. We are always happy to help.

Note: Power supply is not included with the FC-4+. We suggest our 12 VDC, 1 amp supply (see link below).

Technical Note
The ULN2803A output driver can interfere with serial communications between a prop controller (Prop-1 or Prop-2/SX) and the FC-4+. EFX-TEK recommends that P7 (Prop-1) or P15 (Prop-2/SX) is used for serial communications, and that the ULN2803A is replaced with a (7-channel) ULN2003A to prevent interference.

For additional details, refer to this post in our tech support forums:
ULN Modifcations for Serial Comms

FC-4+ Documentation (PDF)
FC-4+ Test Code for Prop-1 (ZIP)
FC-4+ v2.00 Firmware (ZIP)
FC-4+ v2.00 Template Code (ZIP)

12 VDC, 1A Power Supply
14" Extension Cable
68" Extension Cable
Prop-Plug programming adapter