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EFX-TEK International Distributors

   HVW Technologies (Canada)
    • www.hvwtech.com

Suppliers We Know and Trust

   Parallax, Inc.
    • www.parallax.com
        - BASIC Stamp Editor for Windows

   Mouser Electronics
    • www.mouser.com

    • www.digi-key.com

   Jameco Electronics
    • www.jameco.com

   Adobe Reader (for PDF documents)
    • www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Great Sites for Halloween Prop Builders

   Scary Terry's Halloween Pages
    • www.scary-terry.com
        - Great list of "how to's" from one of the nicest guys you could ever know

   The Garage of Terror
    • www.garageofterror.com
        - How-to Info for the Home Haunter

   Hallow Effects
    • www.halloweffects.com

   Devious Concoctions
    • www.deviousconcoctions.com

    • www.evilusions.com

   Motion Picture F/X Company
    • www.makeupkits.com
        - F/X and prop-making products
        - Super friendly, helpful staff