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Serial Inverter Serial Inverter
Stock #: 27112
Price: $14.95
Manufacturer: EFX-TEK

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If you've ever wanted to control your EFX-TEK accessories from a PC now you can! The Serial Inverter provides the correct electrical interface between your PC serial port and EFX-TEK accessory devices. It even includes 5 VDC regulator to provide power for the RC-4, or other line-powered accessories (e.g., Parallax Serial LCD).

The Serial Inverter is perfect for controlling EFX-TEK accessory devices from programs like Vixen, and can be converted to USB using the Parallax USB-Serial Adapter.

Serial Inverter Documentation (PDF)

Serial Cable
14" Extension Cable
68" Extension Cable
12 VDC, 1 A Power Supply
USB-Serial Adapter