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TD-1 Tone Decoder TD-1 Tone Decoder Board
Stock #: 33201
Price: $29.95
Manufacturer: EFX-TEK

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The TD-1 is a member of EFX-TEK's family of "amigo" boards: user-friendly, plug-and-play solutions to common prop and display circuit interfacing challenges. The TD-1 allows your prop or display to respond in sync with a music track.

How It Works
The TD-1 "listens" for a specific audio frequency (preset to 1kHz) on either of its audio input jacks -- both RCA and 3.5mm stereo jacks are provided to simplify installation. In practice, music track would be on one channel (usually left), and the control tones would be on the other channel. When the TD-1 detects the tone its trigger and control outputs are activated.

The TD-1, like other "amigos," exemplifies "plug-and-play" for prop control. For prop triggering, simply plug one end of an 14" or 68" extension cable into your prop controller, the other a trigger output on the TD-1.

For direct control applications you can connect a 12-24v power supply to the TD-1 to power compatible devices (valves, relays, etc.) when the tone is detect. This means that you can control DC devices without a controller!

The TD-1 is perfect for the Prop-1, Prop-2, and Prop-SX, and is fully compatible with most microcontrollers -- this means you can freely use it with your BASIC Stamp, Propeller, and Arduino circuits with ease.

TD-1 Documentation (PDF)

14" Extension Cable
68" Extension Cable