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Prop-2 Prop-2 Controller   Now with built-in USB!
Stock #: 31102
Price: $110.00
Manufacturer: EFX-TEK

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The Prop-2 Controller is a single-board solution that is perfectly suited for intermediate and advanced prop and display control applications. Based on the enormously-popular BASIC Stamp 2 microcontroller from Parallax, Inc., the Prop-2 offers 16 I/O pins, is powered by either 12 or 24 VDC, and may control TTL outputs (5 VDC), hobby servos, 12-24 VDC solenoids, low voltage lamps, and small DC motors. The Prop-2 may be programmed in Parallax's enhanced PBASIC 2.5 language allowing sophisticated prop control in an exceptionally easy-to-use language.

A three-position power switch allows the use of one power supply, or two isolated power supplies (for mixed-voltage projects). Its moderates size and mounting holes allow the Prop-2 to be concealed in many small props.

To program the Prop-2 you will need Parallax's BASIC Stamp Editor (free download from Parallax) or the MacBS2 IDE (free download; for Mac system only).

Note to USB users: You should order the USB-to-Serial and cable (below) separately; these products are less expensive than what you'll find at retail stores and are guaranteed to work with our controllers.

Prop-2 Controller Documentation (PDF)
Prop-2 Controller Demo Files (ZIP)
Prop-2 Programming Basics (Presentation PDF)
Prop-2 Programming Basics (Printer-friendly PDF)
Prop-2 Programming Basics Source Code (ZIP)
Parallax BASIC Stamp Editor (Link)
MacBS2 IDE (Link)

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Serial Cable
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